Social Enterprises

Central City Concern engages in mission-appropriate, business models that generate income for the agency. Frequently, successful client graduates are employed by these businesses. Any profits from such ventures are reinvested into new programs and program improvements. Currently, Central City Concern operates:

Central City Bed®: A durable, sustainable, contemporary, bed bug resistant furniture line highly suited for affordable housing developments, shelters and dormitories. Designed and used by a nonprofit housing provider, every feature of the patented bed frame is unfriendly to bed bugs. The furniture is constructed for long-term use and is easy to clean. Available nationwide, cost effective, and made in the USA.

Central City Coffee®: Craft coffee with purpose. Central City Coffee sources, roasts and sells coffee in Portland and online to support the mission of Central City Concern while providing trainees with work experience. Trainees, in six-month positions, assist with compiling purchase orders, packaging, roasting, delivering, bookkeeping, sales, promotional and marketing activities and customer service.

CCC Clean Start: Mentored work experiences that fill cleaning and maintenance needs in the Portland metro area. Peers provide mentoring, and are living examples of clean, sober, healthy and productive lives. CCC Clean Start currently serves three distinct local communities.

On-call Staffing: A training program that provides 24/7 front desk coverage to 14 Central City Concern Housing buildings throughout the Portland metro area. Each trainee performs front desk operations, emergency procedures, routine building cleaning, and maintain the cohesion and livability of the community. More than 50 formerly homeless clients are expected to complete the training program annually.

Central City Concern's social enterprise programs are members of the REDF portfolio.