Permanent Housing

A stable life is anchored by stable housing and positive peers.  Central City Concern creates such a living environment in permanent housing where tenants may stay as long as they like or circumstances allow.

Individuals who are committed to a clean and sober lifestyle may choose to surround themselves with like-minded peers by living in one of CCC’s Alcohol and Drug Free (ADFC) housing buildings.  Here sobriety is supported and celebrated.  For those who choose to live in buildings without such restrictions, CCC has other housing options.

Regardless, all Supportive Housing has an on-site staff presence and an array of resident services, including new move in orientation, tenant education, eviction protection, community building and service coordination. Click for a more detailed list of services.  Residents may use services at their own discretion.


65% of Central City Concern's total available housing is permanent housing with on-site resident services to help stabilize lives, improve employment and income, and make self-sufficiency possible.

"... great manager who really knows how to listen."
- Tenant