Family Housing

In a family, one person’s addiction affects everyone. By the same token, when that family member achieves recovery, every family member wins. When addiction is treated, new patterns of behavior can break the cycle of poverty and impact future generations. Children return from foster care, relationships are repaired, children grow and flourish, parents become employed and family stability is restored.

Central City Concern developed the Family Housing program in 2000 to provide safe places for children to grow up. CCC maintains 148 Family Housing units throughout Portland. In each setting, family mentors teach adults how to resume their roles as effective parents; how to maintain a strong program of recovery, and how to access the various ongoing supports they will need to become fully self sufficient.

CCC partners with these treatment agencies to bring effective solutions to families in need:


Yearly, close to 200 children—many of whom had previously been in foster care—live with their parents in our family housing.

"Our housing has been a key component to getting our life back on track ...cannot tell you how valuable CCC has been to our family."
- past client