How To Access Housing

All transitional housing must be accessed through a specific Central City Concern program or a partner agency. If you are a CCC client in need of transitional housing, please check with your case manager.

If you are seeking permanent housing, please visit the Central City Concern Housing Office or call us. All inquiries on permanent housing can begin here:

Central City Concern Housing Office
523 NW Everett Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone:  503-525-8483  Fax # 503-228-1696

The Housing Office manages permanent housing, both subsidized and fair market. Virtually all of these units are single room occupancy (SRO) – one person may live in this size unit. SRO units may have communal bathrooms/showers and/or kitchen facilities.

The subsidized housing receives Section 8 rent subsidies. Subsidized housing is offered on a waitlist basis. Contact the housing office for information on how to apply either for fair market or subsidized housing. Demand is high and waitlists can be long; people are encouraged to apply early. Central City Concern does not operate emergency housing that is available on an urgent basis.

Fair market housing receives no subsidies and is for individuals who have sufficient income to pay their own rent. For fair market housing, CCC maintains an "interested parties" list. Contact us early to be added to this list as waits can be long. When a unit becomes available, names are called and prompt response is urged.

Many of Central City Concern's housing units are Alcohol & Drug-Free Community Housing (ADFC) that requires a commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle.  Please read What is ADFC Housing to determine if this sort of housing is right for you. Further, each building may have additional requirements that are detailed in the building criteria or tenant selection plan document, available at our Housing office.

Blackburn Apartments Interested Parties List Open 

Central City Concern has opened our Interested Parties list for 34 alcohol- and drug-free community housing (ADFC) studio units at Blackburn Apartments, slated to open in summer 2019 in East Portland. If you are interested in learning more about the list, you can come into our Housing Office (523 NW Everett) or call our Housing front desk at (503) 525-8483.

Helpful resources to find affordable housing