Everyone in Portland needs a place to call home. And to be successful, everyone needs to feel part of a community. Central City Concern has developed a homeless housing program in Portland to meet these basic needs and offers housing choices for people in need. Housing Choice allows individuals to select types of housing they want based on their personal needs. At CCC, Housing Choice includes a harm-reduction Housing First model or Recovery Housing, a clean and sober living environment with supportive peers and staff. CCC also operates affordable housing for people who suffer from mental illness, individuals recovering from hospitalization, recently reunited families, and people who are recently employed and moving toward self-sufficiency. 
As an affordable Portland housing developer, Central City Concern renovates, restores and builds properties that benefit low income people. We frequently employ our own past successful clients in the regular maintenance of our properties.

At Central City Concern, we know that providing housing alone does not guarantee recovery or success. CCC’s Supportive Housing combines housing with health and recovery services, as well as on-site resident services. By upgrading buildings, providing jobs and employing green technology, CCC’s housing program is transforming neighborhoods as well as people’s lives.