Recuperative Care

Post Hospitalization Case Management 

Too often, patients who are ready for discharge are unable to leave the hospital because they are homeless and have nowhere to go. Central City Concern has partnered with the hospital system to create Recuperative Care (RC) so that these patients can be discharged to CCC housing. On-site staff are available to provide case management. 

Recuperative Care provides immediate housing, intensive case management and access to primary care at our Old Town Clinic.  Patients are picked up from the hospital, given their own room and are immediately established with a primary care provider and case management team. Case managers check in daily with their clients, take them to follow up appointments and assist them with their daily needs.  Additional addiction and mental health care services are available at the Old Town Clinic.

Once clients are stable, they can focus on rebuilding their lives. Central City Concern specialists can help them get supportive housing, training, employment and the resources they need to recover and to become self sufficient.

Recuperative Care staff works closely with Portland Area hospitals and CareOregon to identify patients in need of housing and case management.



In a cost benefit review of a single typical patient, CareOregon documented that RCP reduced annual hospitalization and medical costs by more than $80,000. RCP has provided care and housing for more than 1,000 patients since program inception in 2005.