Old Town Recovery Center

For individuals with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder, staying on medication, staying connected to the community and staying in a safe environment are critical steps to reclaiming their lives. For family members, knowing that their loved ones are safe and receiving compassionate care provides enormous peace of mind. For the community, housing and caring for those struggling with mental illness brings safety and humanity to us all.

The CCC Old Town Recovery Center wants people with mental illness to experience full recovery and healing, to get their lives back. There, creative staff members are crafting a new model of care – one in which people recover lives lost to their illness, and become active members of a community. A state licensed outpatient mental health and addiction treatment program for adults, Old Town Recovery Center has been a mainstay provider to Portland’s severely mentally ill for more than 20 years. The majority of clients experience both mental illness and addiction challenges, some are homeless, and all have been impacted by many years of poverty. Services in all program areas include: case management, counseling, addiction treatment, co-occurring disorder treatment, access to housing and eviction prevention, medication prescribing and management and access to medical professionals.

The Old Town Recovery Center has more than 20 qualified mental health professionals on staff.  In addition, the Center employs licensed medical providers to oversee medication management. On site is the Benefits & Entitlements program (BEST) to help people access the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits to which they may be entitled.

The Old Town Recovery Center brings dignity and hope to the lives of many who live on the margins of society.

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Yearly, 650 severely mentally ill people in Portland find solace, stability and engagement at the Old Town Recovery Center. The BEST program serves approximately 200 people yearly and has a cumulative benefits approval rating of 89% since inception in 2008.   

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"The Old Town Recovery Center gives comfort to people missing comfort in their lives."
- Dr. Phil Shapiro, Psychiatrist