Imani Center

In 2015, Central City Concern combined its African American mental health and addictions programs to address the growing disparities for African Americans. With enhanced resources, CCC was able to establish the Imani Center. The name Imani, meaning “faith” in Swahili, was chosen to remind people to have faith in themselves.

The Imani Center provides culturally specific and responsive Afrocentric approaches to mental health and addictions treatment, peer support and case management. The services at Imani also create honor within the participant, our services and the agency. The Center also connects program clients to housing, employment and benefits support, and natural support systems within their own cultural community. 

The Imani Center consists of African American leadership and staff who provide group and individual supports, and pro-social activities in a culturally safe environment. This allows participants to authentically engage and address barriers that have previously limited their physical, emotional, spiritual and economic wellness.

While the Imani Center is not a housing program, we support clients who need safe and appropriate housing by providing referrals to those individuals who are actively enrolled and engaged in our services.

Behavioral Health Services

Group and individual work utilizing emerging and best practices for treatment for members of the African American Community include some of the following culturally specific topics:

  • Cultural Boundaries
  • African American Study Groups including spirituality
  • Impact of Race on Male/Female Relationships
  • Behavioral Health Stigma for African Americans
  • Identifying and Addressing Criminal Behavior

The Opportunity

Participants will engage in general group and individual work with all approaches filtered through a cultural lens.  The staff of the Imani Center are committed to creating a positive, healthy and culturally safe environment where African Americans seeking services can fully and authentically participate to reduce barriers and support each persons’ development towards individual and community health.

Enroll in Imani

Please call 503-226-4060 to begin the referral process. Clinicians and agencies may make referrals; use our referral form. All Imani clients must be residents of Multnomah County. Alternatively, slots may be available for drop-in eligibility screenings on Mondays between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at 709 NW Everett. Please call in advance for an eligibility screening. Email inquiries to: