Housing Rapid Response

People who have been homeless for long periods often suffer from a variety of interrelated issues, such as alcohol and chemical dependency, mental and physical illness, and a history of involvement with the criminal justice system. These individuals also tend to use a disproportionate amount of public resources, especially from repeat incarceration and other forms of emergency services, as well as uncompensated healthcare.

Central City Concern developed the Housing Rapid Response (HRR) program to help mitigate the use of Portland’s emergency services and provide a more appropriate, cost effective way to respond to the needs of the homeless. 

Housing Rapid Response is a collaborative effort among CCC, the Portland Police Bureau, Department of Community Justice, Multnomah County, Community Treatment Providers and other providers. HRR case managers are there to respond to people in need, to act quickly to build trust and bring them into the CCC community where they can find safe housing, medical and mental health care, addiction treatment and other vital support.  With the support and collaborative efforts of the HHR team, participants have access to a variety of interventions that can help them begin their journey of recovery.

Housing Rapid Response helps individuals transition from life on the streets to life in a supportive community and movement toward self sufficiency.


Since program inception in 2005, nearly 300 people have secured a more stable life, resulting in reduced arrests, a 62% increase in employment or benefits and an 85% increased enrollment in recovery programs.