Eastside Concern

Now offering walk-in screening and assessment for outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) services!

Simply walk-in to Eastside Concern (map) between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Appointments are also available by calling (503) 253-5954.

Those who are eligible will receive a personalized evaluation and an individual treatment plan, access to group treatment, and evidence-based medication support.

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Once individuals resolve to address their drug/alcohol addictions, detoxification is the first and most crucial step in a safe path to recovery. Hooper Center provides medical detoxification and stabilization at this critical juncture. There, patients receive 4-10 days of medical treatment for early withdrawal symptoms. A team of registered nurses and technicians provide around the clock medical care, and a physician provides an examination on admissions. Patients meet with a counselor and are referred to available treatment services.

Central City Concern began operating Eastside Concern in the fall of 2012.  Formerly known as ChangePoint/Southeast, Portland, ChangePoint has provided outpatient substance use treatment and domestic violence treatment to the community for 30 years.


Eastside Concern provides outpatient services to individuals who have entered a DUII Diversion program or who have been convicted of a DUII. Eastside Concern also provides outpatient services to individuals referred by the Department of Human Services, Families in Transition (FIT), probation and parole. Men who have been convicted of a domestic violence charge are also served in a specially designed program that addresses both substance abuse and domestic violence.

Most of Eastside Concern’s outpatient programs are 4-5 months in length. The domestic violence program, however, is a year-long program.  Clients typically attend groups once or twice per week, although some may attend up to three times per week. Eastside Concern offers a Saturday relapse prevention program  to help its clients who are struggling with on-going abstinence. Group schedules vary from morning, afternoon and evening groups in order to be accessible to its clients’ schedules. Drug screen urinalysis is conducted on a random basis to assist clients in maintaining sobriety. Self-help attendance is highly encouraged to help clients begin connecting to the larger community recovery support system.

Click here for the most recent calendar of Wellness Classes available to all patients of Eastside Concern, Old Town Recovery CenterOld Town Clinic, and Community Engagement Program.


Fees & Enrollment

All fees are on a sliding-fee scale.  Out-of-pocket treatment fees range from zero to $60 per group, depending on gross income and family size.  Oregon Health Plan and many insurance companies pay for all or part of the cost of treatment. There are no hidden charges – clients are always made aware of all costs at the time of admission.  It is important to ask for a reduced fee application to determine if you qualify for financial assistance with your treatment. Located at 1949 SE 122nd Avenue, we are served by Tri Met MAX blue line and bus numbers 20,25, and 71. 

Call 503-253-5954 to schedule the initial appointment, to check on insurance coverage, and, once enrolled, to report unplanned absences.