Community Volunteer Corps

The Community Volunteer Corps (CVC) engages individuals in meaningful volunteer opportunities, building marketable skills while also providing avenues for them to give back to the community. When volunteers enroll in CVC they make a commitment to completing the program but more importantly, they make a commitment to their futures. Over a three-month period, they volunteer for 80 hours of mentored work experiences, learning new skills, improving work habits and preparing themselves for permanent employment. A graduation ceremony celebrates their successful completion, and they receive a small stipend as well as a letter of recommendation.

Since the program's inception in 2009, volunteers have given more than 50,000 hours of service to the community working in partnership with such non-profit organizations as Portland Parks & Rec, Free Geek and CROPS. Our volunteer teams have completed tasks such as park beautification, computer recycling and harvesting crops for needy families.

After CVC, volunteers are eager to do more – some are ready for immediate employment and seek assistance at Employment Access Center.  Others could still benefit from coaching and support, and may gain employment in our Clean & Safe program, a six-month training program that works to keep downtown Portland free of litter and debris. Click here to watch a recent video about our award-winning CVC program.


CVC enrolls approximately 200 people yearly and contributes close to 1,000 hours of service to the community every month.