Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe is a mentored work experience that fills a needed service in our community. The Portland Downtown Business Improvement District contracts with Central City Concern to keep clean a 213-block area in central downtown and along the bus mall. In six-month trainee positions, our Clean & Safe employees remove graffiti, contribute to public safety, and keep downtown free of litter and debris. Clean & Safe hires its employees from CCC's Community Volunteer Corps program.

Earning a regular paycheck, working collaboratively with co-workers and engaging with the public in a positive manner contributes to each individual's work history and confidence to pursue future employment opportunities. Peers provide mentoring, and are living examples of clean, sober, healthy and productive lives.

Toward the end of their six-month work experience, Clean & Safe employees engage in practical, employment development workshops at  Employment Access Center where they also may also access one-on-one assistance in the job search process. Some graduates of Clean & Safe move onto employment at Central City Concern in janitorial, maintenance, pest control and painting roles that maintain CCC’s 23 buildings.

CCC’s Clean and Safe program is a Social Innovation Fund (SIF) program and is a member of the REDF portfolio.



Clean & Safe is the beginning to self-sufficiency for approximately 60 people each year.