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Research, Studies & Outcomes

Health & Recovery Oriented

Planning and Designing the Improving Addiction Care Team (IMPACT) for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Use Disorder
Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2017

Study of the Service Coordination Team and its influence on chronic offenders
Portland State University, 2016

Follow-up to Nonfatal Opioid Overdoses: More of the Same or an Opportunity for Change?
Annals of Internal Medicine, 2016 American College of Physicians

Recovery Housing Policy Brief
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), December 2015 

An Evaluation of the Living Room: Members' Experiences of Hopefulness
Society of Community Research and Action - American Psychological Association, Summer 2015

Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care
Northwest Regional Primary Care Association, 2015 

A Startling Injustice: Pain, Opioids and Addiction
Annals of Internal Medicine, 2015 American College of Physicians

Policy Statement: Role of Recovery Residences in Promoting Long-term Addiction Recovery
Society of Community Research and Action - American Psychological Association

Listening to Consumer Perspectives to Inform Addictions and Housing-Related Practice and Research
Published in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, June 2014

Stages of Change: Addressing Chronic Substance Use Disorders
National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference, Sept. 2012

Future of Care Coordination in Medicaid
National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference, July 2012

Health Home Models
National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference, July 2012

Supportive Housing - a Tool for Health
National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference, July 2012

Adapting Your Practice: Recommendations for the Care of Homeless Adults with Chronic, Non-Malignant Pain
Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians' Network, 2011

Criminal Activity and Substance Abuse Study
Portland State University, 2008

Estimated Cost Savings Following Enrollment in Community Engagement Program
Herbert and Louis, LLC, 2006

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment, 2nd Edition
National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009

Housing Development Oriented

Innovative Models In Health And Housing, July 2017

Summary of Renovation Work on the Mark O. Hatfield Building, June 2012

Designing Urban Spaces to Foster Recovery, Housing and Community, May 2012

Tri-County Supported Housing and Supportive Services Needs Assessment, April 2012

Building Performance Report - Rose Wood Apartments, December 2011

Building Efficiency Report, 2009

Achieving Water Independence, 2009

Employment Oriented

Vocational Rehab Agencies Helping People with Psychiatric Disabilities Get Employed: How Far Have we Come? How Far Do We Have to Go?, Voc Rehab Research and Training Center, April 2013

Employment Outcomes and Performance Benchmarks for Programs Serving Homeless Job Seekers, The ICA Group, 2012  

Integrating Employment into Supportive Housing Programs, July 2012 webinar
National Healthcare for the Homeless Conference

Best Practices: Profiles of Promising Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Grantees, August 2012
published by National Coalition of Homeless Veterans

Employment Outcomes, 2007-2009
Portland State University, 2010