Central City Concern in the Press

Ad agencies help promote new health center for homeless
KOIN TV,  24-Jul-2019

$52M homeless center opens on Portland’s east side
KTPV,  9-Jul-2019

Blackburn Center opens with 175 beds, $52 million price tag
Portland Tribune,  9-Jul-2019

Health organizations open new clinic-housing project in East Portland
PBJ,  9-Jul-2019

New homeless clinic opens on Portland's east side
KATU,  8-Jul-2019

To Improve Outcomes, Health Systems Invest In Affordable Housing
Health Affairs,  5-Jul-2019

Medicaid, Heal Thyself
Oregon Business Magazine,  3-Jul-2019

Why Businesses Employ the Homeless
Oregon Business Magazine,  10-Jun-2019

Housing and Health Care Under One Roof
Affordable Housing Finance Magazine,  6-Jun-2019

"Homelessness Crisis: The Other One Percent "
Oregon Business Magazine,  30-May-2019

Hope in Every Bag: How Coffee is Helping Lisa Quinn Change Women’s Lives
Daily Coffee News,  16-May-2019

One Day With the Squad That Removes Needles and Feces From Downtown Portland Streets
Willamette Week,  8-May-2019

What Don’t We Understand About Homelessness in Portland?
Portland Monthly,  3-May-2019

Everyone in Portland Needs a Place to Call Home
Portland Monthly,  5-May-2019

Portland banking on low-rent SRO hotels to ease housing problems
Oregoninan,  27-Apr-2019

Link between addiction and suicide
OPB,  12-Apr-2019

Imbibe,  17-Mar-2019

Laura’s death helped create a safe place for women fighting addiction
Oregonian,  17-Mar-2019

If not 911, this is who responds to Portland street homelessness
Street Roots,  15-Mar-2019

Experts: Oregon needs new drug rehab options
KOIN-TV,  29-Jan-2019

Years later, Portland's experiment to help homeless store stuff proves a success
KGW,  17-Jan-2019

Supportive Housing Key To Ending Homeless Crisis
103.7,  10-Jan-2019

City, state agencies award $12M for housing to help combat homelessness
KPTV,  10-Jan-2019

Blackburn Center construction progressing
Daily Journal of Commerce,  21-Dec-2018

Portland taking over homeless camp cleanups for ODOT
The Oregonian,  19-Dec-2018

Restoration of residential roots
Daily Journal of Commerce,  19-Dec-2018

Psychotic city: Combination of meth plus mental illness plays out on Portland streets
Street Roots,  14-Dec-2018

Here are Oregon's Most Admired Companies for 2018 (Ranked)
Portland Business Journal,  13-Dec-2018

SR editorial: Prioritize a more robust response to street crises
Street Roots,  7-Dec-2018

122nd Avenue improvements highlight safety concerns
Mid-County Memo,  5-Dec-2018

Portland hospitals open the doors on their first affordable apartment complex
Portland Business Journal,  28-Nov-2018

New Affordable Housing
KXL,  28-Nov-2018

Goodstein: Why hiring candidates with a criminal record can help companies and communities
The Register-Guard,  25-Nov-2018

‘A whole different life’: Former Portland football star details long road to sobriety
KGW,  23-Nov-2018

Director’s Desk: Solution-minded citizenry deserves city of Portland's support
Street Roots,  23-Nov-2018

12 Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life
Parade Magazine,  16-Nov-2018

Health Officials, Advocates Urge Portland Mayor To Address Homeless Crisis
The Lund Report,  15-Nov-2018

The Second Wave of Portland’s Meth Epidemic Hits Homeless Hardest
Portland Mercury,  7-Nov-2018

State takes stab at opioid crisis, tells doctors to prescribe less
KATU,  25-Oct-2018

Mayor unveils new strategies to tackle downtown trash
KGW,  10-Oct-2018

If bond passes, Metro wants to spend money ASAP
Portland Tribune,  25-Sep-2018

Smoky Air Causes Uptick in Houseless Patients Seeking Medical Care
Portland Mercury,  24-Aug-2018

Business Movers: Mercedes Elizalde joins Central City Concern as public policy director
The Oregonian,  1-Aug-2018

Oregon Looks To Ease Process For Recovered Addicts To Help Others
OPB,  25-Jul-2018

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion: Prison Pipeline
KBOO,  23-Jul-2018

Team Beats Back Jail Door
The Portland Observer,  17-Jul-2018

Crews from Central City Concern's Clean Start program help clean homeless campsites, regularly picking up garbage
KPTV,  18-Jul-2018

Homelessness and the effect on business
Portland Business Tribune,  4-Jul-2018

Lacking treatment, more end up on streets
Portland Tribune,  23-May-2018

With highest hepatitis C mortality rate in U.S., Oregon expands access to life-saving drugs
PBS NewsHour,  23-May-2018

The World’s Most Famous Violinist Just Played at a Portland Recovery Center
Portland Monthly,  15-May-2018

Weird Homes Tour to showcase Portland homes
KGW-TV,  14-May-2018

Park clean-up hopes for clear path to employment: 'They get to give back'
KATU,  10-May-2018

Homeless clean public spaces, gain job skills in Gresham
KGW-TV,  10-May-2018

A new strategy to treat addiction
KGW-TV,  9-May-2018

Destigmatizing addiction in our communities
Daily Astorian,  7-May-2018

Opioids in Oregon: It's not just a plague in the Rust Belt states
NBC Nightly News,  7-May-2018

Portland tackles opioid epidemic with new solutions
NBC Nightly News,  7-May-2018

"Every time I go through that door, it get a little better."
Metro,  24-Apr-2018

There's A Cure For Hepatitis C, But Oregon Limits Access
OPB,  19-Apr-2018

Nobody chooses to be an addict'
Lake Oswego Review,  15-Apr-2018

LEAD program seeks to stop the cycle of drug abuse, jail, with self-directed goals
KATU,  12-Apr-2018

Community servant with a heart of gold - the Ed Blackburn story
Legacy Health,  31-Mar-2018

LEAD drug treatment program helping man turn his life around: 'It's such a blessing'
KPTV,  28-Mar-2018

An Innovative Recovery Center Breaks Ground in East Portland
Portland Monthly,  27-Mar-2018

Point of Contact
Gresham Outlook,  20-Mar-2018

From Budget Lodge to refuge: Leased motel to serve people recovering from mental health crisis
Multnomah County,  12-Mar-2018

Record-Breaking Towers Didn’t Make the Short List for the Post Office Site. Here’s Who Did
Willamette Week,  11-Mar-2018

Housing Is Health: three critical projects under way
Daily Journal of Commerce,  8-Mar-2018

Oregon opioid panelists talk safe injection sites, overdose reduction strategies with former White House drug czar
Portland Business Journal,  26-Feb-2018

Central City Concern promotes Hubert
Daily Journal of Commerce,  16-Feb-2018

Clean Start program expanding to eastside Portland
KATU,  15-Feb-2018

'Clean Start' program expanding on Portland's east side
KPTV,  15-Feb-2018

Health Share welcomes new members (Guest opinion)
The Oregonian,  11-Feb-2018

Treating Oregon's opioid epidemic: Bridging the gap in a key therapy
Portland Business Journal,  31-Jan-2018

Treating Oregon's opioid epidemic: Victims of chronic pain suffer as doctors prescribe fewer pills
Portland Business Journal,  31-Jan-2018

ER Use Goes Down As Hospital Program Pays Homeless People's Rent
NPR,  30-Jan-2018

Why Hospitals Are Subsidizing Apartments For The Homeless
Fast Company,  29-Jan-2018

Central City Concern's Rachel Solotaroff on why she went from Brown to Maine's north woods
Portland Business Journal,  18-Jan-2018

Rep. Bonamici talks about opioid crisis in Multnomah County
KGW-TV,  12-Jan-2018

Oregon community health centers brace for federal funding cut
Portland Business Journal,  11-Jan-2018

Rent assistance program pays off for Portland residents seeking work
Street Roots,  10-Jan-2018

Clackamas County tries corrective medicine for opiate-addicted offenders
Street Roots,  10-Jan-2018

Downtown Portland's paradox: Crime, public perceptions threaten growth, retailers say
The Oregonian,  7-Jan-2018

Oregon voters to decide the fate of Meas. 101
KATU-TV,  3-Jan-2018

Power Broker: Andy Davidson
Oregon Business,  3-Jan-2018

Largest Health-Related Nonprofits in the Portland Metro Area
Portland Business Journal,  29-Dec-2017

The Year of Changing Faces
Portland Business Journal,  22-Dec-2017

Israel Bayer, Portland’s Foremost Advocate for the Homeless, Says What Will Solve the Mess
Willamette Week,  26-Dec-2017

Central Eastside businesses taking charge
Daily Journal of Commerce,  18-Dec-2017

Here are Oregon's most admired companies in 2017
KGW-TV,  14-Dec-2017

Oregon’s Most Admired Companies
Portland Business Journal,  9-Dec-2017

Central City Concern breaks ground on Blackburn Building
Mid-County Memo,  9-Dec-2017

Meet the homeless Portland youth behind downtown holiday pop-up shop
Portland Business Journal,  27-Dec-2017

Ed Blackburn Brought Back to Life
KGW-TV,  7-Dec-2017

Dave Dahl has a ‘killer’ African Art collection
KOIN-TV,  4-Dec-2017

Coffee program helps women learn life skills, find jobs
KGW-TV,  29-Nov-2017

Letty Owings Center puts moms and babies on the road to recovery: Season of Sharing 2017
The Oregonian,  16-Nov-2017

Blackburn Building officially named, breaks ground
Portland Tribune,  10-Nov-2017

Third of 3 Central City Concern health-targeted building breaks ground in Portland,
Portland Business Journal,  9-Nov-2017

Nonprofit breaks ground on apartments in Hazelwood,
Mid-County Memo,  7-Nov-2017

New Portland Facility to Double as Clinic, Affordable Housing
KGW-TV,  6-Nov-2017

Measure 101: A high stakes showdown over health care taxes in Oregon
Portland Business Journal,  2-Nov-2017

Ed Blackburn Looks Back On 25 Years at Central City Concern
Portland Monthly,  1-Nov-2017

Homeless clients need help to get help from disability benefits
The Oregonian,  29-Oct-2017

Life after prison: Portland residents’ stories,
Street Roots,  20-Oct-2017

Supportive housing saves money, lives,
The Oregonian,  15-Oct-2017

Hospitals Make Housing the Homeless Part of Their Job
Governing,  12-Oct-2017

Competitors band together for the homeless
Portland Business Journal,  11-Oct-2017

Portland exhibits highlight beauty beneath human tragedy,
Street Roots,  5-Oct-2017

Housing to target specific groups
Portland Tribune,  5-Oct-2017

Portland rally begins drive to improve Oregon's addiction treatment,
KZTV10,  1-Oct-2017

Leaving a legacy of collaboration and bold leadership,
Portland Business Journal,  29-Sep-2017

Leading Health Nonprofits Launch Five-Year Advocacy Campaign to Transform Oregon's Addiction Treatment System
The Lund Report,  29-Sep-2017

Business Movers: Freda Ceaser joins Central City Concern's executive leadership team,
The Oregonian,  27-Sep-2017

Central City Concern, businesses look to clean up Portland's Eastside
Portland Business Journal,  31-Aug-2017

Housing funding critical for community health
The Oregonian,  23-Aug-2017

Central City Concern names new leader
The Oregonian,  14-Aug-2017

Central City Concern taps new leader to replace Blackburn
Portland Business Journal,  14-Aug-2017

Outgoing Central City Concern director reflects on 25 years of Portland homelessness
The Oregonian,  11-Aug-2017

'Housing is Health' building breaks ground in North Portland
Portland Business Journal,  3-Aug-2017

People on, off the streets work together on universal problem: garbage
Street Roots,  28-Jul-2017

Program offering treatment option for low-level drug offenders showing signs of success
KPTV,  26-Jul-2017

Downtown Portland is booming
Portland Tribune,  25-Jul-2017

Portland developers try to ease homeless crisis that they helped create
The Oregonian,  23-Jul-2017

Holistic Solutions to Combat Homelessness
Social Enterprise Alliance,  1-Jul-2017

Downtown Portland pedestrians good for business
KOIN-TV,  17-Jul-2017

Portland architecture firm receives national recognition
Daily Journal of Commerce,  14-Jul-2017

'We have a massive problem': Experts say Oregon's opioid epidemic continues
KATU-TV,  13-Jul-2017

Low income apartment complex opens in SW Portland
KPTV,  12-Jul-2017

Montavilla Homeless
Oregon Public Broadcasting: Think Out Loud,  7-Jul-2017

The homeless crisis has not left us
Portland Tribune,  27-Jun-2017

Neighborhood coalition gets $90,000 grant to clean up east side
Portland Tribune,  22-Jun-2017

Mayor Wheeler hints at positive changes in number of homeless, NE Portland due for cleanup
KATU-TV,  18-Jun-2017

Employment and Training Programs: Jobs and So Much More
U.S. Department of Agriculture,  14-Jun-2017

Opioid Crisis: Patients Pushed to the Brink
http://www.bendbulletin.com/topics/5342867-151/opioid-crisis-pain-patients-pushed-to-the-brink,  2-Jun-2017

A Perpetual Concern
Affordable Housing News,  1-Jun-2017

Juneau doctors add new approach to opiate addiction treatment
Juneau Empire,  28-May-2017

New push planned to handle homeless complaints, cleanup
The Oregonian,  5-May-2017

One-Hour Segment on Homelessness, Ed interview with Mayor and other city leaders around homelessness
KXL,  30-Apr-2017

Where We Live: Ed Blackburn at Central City Concern
KOIN-TV,  11-Apr-2017

Randall McKee 'jumped through the hoops’ – and now he's housed
Street Roots,  1-Apr-2017

Blitzen Trapper: Rock concert meets theater in Portland
Street Roots,  28-Mar-2017

Bringing compassion to the Concern in Portland, CCC’s Ed Blackburn on the evolution of the homeless
Portland Business Journal,  24-Mar-2017

'Flip the Script’ Provides Housing, Jobs and Afrocentric Therapy for Blacks Released from Prison
The Skanner,  2-Mar-2017

New diversion program aimed at low-level drug offenders
KGW-TV,  28-Feb-2017

Seattle drug treatment program, LEAD, comes to Portland
KOIN-TV,  28-Feb-2017

Local law enforcement launches 'LEAD' - a new diversion program
KATU-TV,  28-Feb-2017

Portland Police To Send Drug Addicts To Treatment Instead Of Jail
OPB,  28-Feb-2017

Program allows Portland police to send low-level drug users to help instead of jail
The Oregonian,  28-Feb-2017

‘Flip the Script’ on Jobs and Homes
The Observer,  22-Feb-2017

Pill that can curb heroin addiction becoming more accessible in Portland metro area
KPTV-TV,  9-Feb-2017

What’s Next for Health Care
Street Roots,  2-Feb-2017

rea housing strategies encompass aging homeless population
The Scribe,  1-Feb-2017

Recovery mentor helps Bend teen battle addiction
Ben Bulletin,  19-Jan-2017

Hotel Alder residents will be displaced for several months after fire
The Oregonian,  18-Jan-2017

Here they are: Oregon's Most Admired Companies of 2016 (Ranked)
Portland Business Journal,  10-Jan-2017

The 10 stories of 2016 that transformed Oregon business
Portland Business Journal,  30-Dec-2016

Oregon offers 2nd chance at funds to build housing for mentally ill residents
Street Roots,  29-Dec-2016

Where risk and resilience meet
Daily Journal of Commerce,  23-Dec-2016

A closer look at corporate giving
Portland Tribune,  18-Dec-2016

The Poopmaster 6000 Is the Hero We Need Right Now
Portland Monthly,  13-Dec-2016

Central City Concern gets boost from local businesses
KGW-TV,  13-Dec-2016

America's Deadly Opioid Epidemic
Trust Magazine,  5-Dec-2016

CCC's Tyrone Rucker has taken volunteer work to another level
Street Roots,  1-Dec-2016

Portland Health Providers Give $21.5M for Construction
Construction Equipment Guide,  25-Nov-2016

Oregon Health Authority narrows focus on housing as health care
Street Roots,  23-Nov-2016

Vacasa donates to CCC
KGW-TV,  23-Nov-2016

Portland agencies come up with new model for opioid treatment.
Portland Business Journal,  1-Nov-2016

6 Portland health providers give $21.5M for homeless housing
AP News,  23-Sep-2016

6 Portland health organizations pledge $21.5M for 3 low-income housing projects
Portland Business Journal,  22-Sep-2016

City Council just voted to save downtown's Joyce Hotel. Here's why that's important.
Portland Mercury,  13-Sep-2016

Housing Miracles
The Observor,  8-Sep-2016

Affordable housing community opens in Lloyd District
KOIN-TV,  08-Sep-2016

20 Years Since Welfare's Overhaul; Results are Mixed
National Public Radio Morning Edition,  22-Aug-2016

City buys Joyce Hotel
Street Roots,  22-Jun-2016

Portland Housing Bureau will buy The Joyce Hotel for $4.2 million
The Oregonian,  22-Jun-2016

City of Portland to Buy Joyce Hotel for $4.22 Million
Willamette Week,  22-Jun-2016

City Buys the Joyce
KGW-TV,  22-Jun-2016

City pays $4.2M for a hotel for the homeless
Portland Business Journal,  24-Jun-2016

Sen. Wyden pushing for Congress to combat opioid epidemic
KGW-TV,  24-Jun-2016

SR editorial: Joyce Hotel saved from joining housing casualties
Street Roots,  23-Jun-2016

Breaking: City makes last attempt to save Joyce Hotel
Street Roots,  6-May-2016

Portland goes big on affordable housing
Portland Tribune,  3-May-2016

Biggest Housing Push Ever
Portland Observer,  26-Apr-2016

Build for Miracles Central
Portland Observer,  27-Apr-2016

Portland Housing Bureau awards $47 million for affordable housing projects
KPTV-TV,  20-Apr-2016

City, feds dish out $47M for Portland affordable projects
Portland Business Journal,  20-Apr-2016

Portland's efforts to save Joyce Hotel foiled
Street Roots,  22-Mar-2016

Portland man offers story of hope out of homelessness
KGW-TV,  20-Mar-2016

Doctors should pause before dismissing the ‘12 steps’ approach to addiction
Washington Post,  18-Mar-2016

Containers open for homeless to store belongings during day
KGW-TV,  15-Mar-2016

Portland business helps former drug addict get rid of her scars
KGW-TV,  02-Mar-2016

Dying on the Streets: As the homeless age, a health care system leaves them behind
Stat News,  17-Feb-2016

Two Oregon nonprofits selected in national grant competition
Portland Business Journal,  17-Feb-2016

Solving The Growing Health Needs Of America’s Elderly Homeless
Think Progress,  10-Feb-2016

Workers trying to manage homeless cleanup in Portland
KGW-TV,  26-Jan-2016

Mall Management’s Poopmaster Looks To Solve Bird-Dropping Problems
GoLocalPDX,  11-Jan-2016

'Poopmaster 6000' patrolling downtown Portland sidewalks to clean bird droppings
KPTV-TV,  8-Jan-2016

Drink Well, Do Good: The Mission Behind Central City Coffee
Pearl District Business Association,  01-Jan-2016

Are today’s business and policy leaders entrepreneurial? Or risk averse?
Oregon Business,  1-Jan-2016

Overdose on Opioids? Get a New Prescription
NPR - The Takeaway,  31-Dec-2015

Homelessness in Portland
Portland Radio Project,  17-Oct-2015

60-unit Town Center Greens housing development under construction in Clackamas County
Clackamas Review,  28-Sep-2015

Clackamas Town Center-area affordable housing project snares $17.4M
Portland Business Journal,  8-Sep-2015

Cascadia Behavioral ready to start ambitious behavioral health site revamp
Portland Business Journal,  23-Jul-2015

Portland Police Bureau Proposes Changes to Aid Program for Homeless Drug Users
OPB-Radio,  24-Jun-2015

Portland is Better Than This
Portland Tribune,  22-Jun-2015

Miracles Central project gets city approval
Daily Journal of Commerce,  16-Jun-2015

Land deal could mean more low-income, fair market housing units in Multnomah County
OregonLive,  11-Jun-2015

Green light expected for Miracles Central
Daily Journal of Commerce,  11-Jun-2015

A new beginning: For Geovani Rodriguez, freedom means many things
Street Roots,  13-May-2015

Price of Addiction: Portland plays prominent role in nationwide opioid plague
Portland Business Journal,  27-Apr-2015

Chain Reaction: A Bikes for Humanity/CCC Partnership
KGW-TV,  6-Apr-2015

Recycling Unused Medicines to Save Money and Lives
New York Times,  20-Mar-2015

Our Homeless Crisis: Charlie Hales says Portland needs housing fund, but streets come first
Oregonian,  18-Mar-2015

Meyer awards $2.1M to 13 Oregon affordable housing projects
Portland Business Journal,  17-Mar-2015

Huge Medicaid CHIP surge boosts demand for doctors
Washington Examiner,  9-Feb-2015

Recovery residences have found their home
Addiction Professional,  17-Feb-2015

Five takeaways from Oregonian addiction series: Guest opinion
OregonLive,  13-Jan-2015

State records show problems with payee services, oversight
Street Roots,  30-Dec-2014

Oregon says health care reform will fix state's addiction treatment, soon realizes it won't
The Oregonian,  18-Dec-2014

Oregon pays steep price for neglected addiction treatment system
The Oregonian,  15-Dec-2014

Persistent Pest Problem Presents Opportunity for Innovation
Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits,  01-Oct-2014

How to shed bedbugs and make $1M
Portland Business Journal,  05-Sep-2014

Feds give Oregon a much-needed boost for mental health services
Portland Business Journal - Health Care Inc. NW,  1-Aug-2014

Working Group Seeks Alternatives To Street Fee
OPB news,  29-Jul-2014

Sober treatment and living facility completed - Central City Bed shown
Daily Journal of Commerce,  29-Jul-2014

We're all paying: Heroin spreads misery in US
Associated Press,  5-Apr-2014

Do My Job!
KPTV-TV,  7-Mar-2014

Everyday Heroes: The gift of art
KATU-TV,  28-Feb-2014

Dry cleaners inspire Central City Concern's high-tech pharmacy system
Portland Business Journal,  11-Feb-2014

Medicaid Expansion Faces Major Logistical Challenges Among the Homeless
The New Tork Times,  25-Nov-2013

Rachel Solotaroff '01: On the Home Team
Dartmouth Medicine,  01-Oct-2013

Heroin: Deadliest Drug in Oregon
KOIN-TV,  17-Oct-2013

Game changer to reshape rehab
Portland Tribune,  19-Sep-2013

Add it up: Health Share looks at ways to merge health care and affordable housing
Street Roots,  25-Jul-2013

Health Reform Will Bring Insurance To Oregon's Homeless
OPB,  26-Jul-2013

A $2.8M assist to get Oregon's uninsured insured
Portland Business Journal,  12-Jul-2013

Legacy Health brings patients healthy food from My Street Grocery, as well as vouchers to pay for it
The Oregonian,  10-Jul-2013

RRV: Nonprofit sets example for effective, multi-source funding
Prairie Business,  28-Jun-2013

In 11 months, Central City Concern secures 514 jobs for formerly homeless customers
OregonLive,  26-Jun-2013

Dean Gisvold, Bing Sheldon honored for service to Central City Concern
Daily Journal of Commerce,  20-Jun-2013

Multnomah County Honors Two Old Town Heros
Willamette Week,  14-Jun-2013

Spotlight - Clay Cooper
Portland Business Journal,  10-May-2013

De-bugging the bed
Street Roots,  23-May-2013

LIfting Up the Homeless
Minority Nurse,  06-May-2013

Seeking compassion in one's career - an interview with Ed Blackburn
Portland State University,  10-Apr-2013

Portland police select about 50 officers to get special crisis intervention training
The Oregonian,  10-Apr-2013

Open wide - How Oregonians are eating the social and economic cost of bad oral health
Street Roots,  27-Mar-2013

OHSU Introduces New I-CAN Program in Old Town
The Skanner,  19-Mar-2013

Six things you need to know about Oregon's largest health care collaboration
Portland Business Journal,  19-Mar-2013

First Look: Marcus Young and Central City Coffee
Sprudge,  07-Mar-2013

Who Wants to Save a Junkie?
Willamette Week,  06-Mar-2013

Notice of Data Event
CCC,  21-Feb-2013

The creative, troubled life of James Chasse
The Oregonian,  03-Feb-2013

Drug therapy for drug addiction?
Portland Tribune,  24-Jan-2013

Old Town Clinic earns Johnson Foundation nod
Portland Business Journal,  08-Jan-2013

Central City Concern's Old Town Clinic Named National Health Care Leader
Willamette Week,  03-Jan-2013

2012 newsmakers: Daniel Winters says positive feedback nourishes a renewed life
The Oregonian,  03-Jan-2013

Author chronicles nun's decades of work in Portland's Old Town
The Oregonian,  21-Dec-2012

Former soccer mom turned addict helping other women
Courier-Journal,  17-Dec-2012

Oregon's success in treating addicts is a lesson for KentuckyPrescription for tragedy
Courier-Journal,  17-Dec-2012

Veterans' homelessness: Some improvement, still a long way to go
The Oregonian,  11-Dec-2012

Portland's Old Town Clinic a national model, health foundation says
The Oregonian,  07-Dec-2012

Oregon charities give good reasons for dodging fiscal cliff
The Oregonian,  05-Dec-2012

Central City Concern's recovery center lauded for design
Portland Business Journal,  27-Nov-2012

County's dental clinic fills a big gap in care
Portland Tribune,  22-Nov-2012

25 Local Gifts Under $25
The Oregonian,  24-Nov-2012

Old Town Recovery Center Wins National Healthcare Environment Award
Contract Design,  03-Dec-2012

Keeping Old Town Clean & Safe: it's all in a day's work for these guys
OregonLive,  20-Nov-2012

Central City Concern and Portland Roasting Coffee partner on coffee blend, job skills program
OregonLive,  30-Oct-2012

Central City Concern earns LEED Gold for clinic
Portland Business Journal,  19-Oct-2012

OTRC Receives Award
Contract Design,  16-Oct-2012

Oregon Voice works to get out the vote of the poor and disenfranchised
The Oregonian,  16-Oct-2012

Stand Down Event Helps Local Veterans
KGW-TV,  03-Oct-2012

Central City Concern teams up with rolling grocery store to deliver fresh food
The Oregonian,  04-Oct-2012

A federal official lauds state and Portland efforts to provide health care access
The Oregonian,  25-Sep-2012

My Street Grocery teams with Central City Concern
Portland Business Journal,  19-Sep-2012

My Street Grocery teaming with Central City Concern
Sustainable Business Oregon,  19-Sep-2012

Central City Concern and My Street Grocery Partner to Bring Nutritious Groceries to Clients with Histories of Homelessness
The Lund Report,  19-Sep-2012

Social enterprises deliver healthy food to needy Portlanders
Portland State University News,  19-Sep-2012

Merkley says he will push passage of veterans' job corps bill
The Oregonian,  29-Aug-2012

Three Boxes: Revisiting David P. Hooper
Street Roots,  31-Aug-2012

Social impact investing catches on in the U.S.
MSNBC,  07-Aug-2012

Former addict's apartment door -- on the wall at Portland's ReBuilding Center -- becomes symbol of redemption
The Oregonian,  03-Aug-2012

Social impact investing catches on in the U.S.
Reuters Edition, US,  01-Aug-2012

Tri-County Medicaid group gets state OK
Portland Business Journal,  31-Jul-2012

Designated Drivers
Street Roots,  17-Jul-2012

University of Western States Relocates Downtown Health Center to Central City Concern Building
Seattle Post Intelligencer & San Francisco Chronicle,  29-Jun-2012

Treatment fails to stop some criminals
Portland Tribune,  28-Jun-2012

Celebrating Jobs
KGW-TV,  26-Jun-2012

Health reform: Portland collaborative lands $17.3 million health innovation award
The Oregonian,  15-Jun-2012

Renovation of Mark O. Hatfield Building updates 106 low-income housing units
OregonLive,  14-Jun-2012

Multnomah County's tough prescription
Portland Tribune,  10-May-2012

Anchors for the Safety Net
OHSU School of Medicine,  08-May-2012

With federal money, Oregon kicks health care reform into high gear
KATU-TV ,  04-May-2012

Gov. John Kitzhaber celebrates federal health pact, says real test lies ahead
The Oregonian,  04-May-2012

Oregon health care looking well-coordinated
Portland Business Journal,  04-May-2012

Homeless Deaths
OPB Radio "Think Out Loud",  02-May-2012

Market conditions, poor economy not conducive to affordable housing
Daily Journal of Commerce,  02-May-2012

Street Roots, Multnomah County release homeless deaths report
Street Roots,  27-Apr-2012

One per week: Multnomah County releases first homeless death tally
OregonLive,  27-Apr-2012

CCC Has Head Start On New Law
Portland Business Journal,  9-Apr-2012

A City in Recovery
PSU Vanguard,  06-Apr-2012

Oregon's painkiller epidemic leveling off, but far from over
OregonLive,  09-Apr-2012

Sobering up
Gresham Outlook,  02-Apr-2012

PSU Professor Receives $50,000 Grant
Vanguard,  08-Feb-2012

First, a place of their own
The Oregonian,  04-Jan-2012

Mental health center for Central City Concern opens in old Burger King’s spot
Daily Journal of Commerce,  16-Dec-2011

Recovery center opens at former Burger King
Portland Business Journal,  15-Dec-2011

New $20 million Central City Concern building opens in Old Town
OregonLive,  14-Dec-2011

Central City Concern Celebrates Opening of New Healthcare Facility
CCC Press Release,  5-Dec-2011

Reflections on the drawdown: Voices of those touched by war in Iraq
The Oregonian,  27-Nov-2011

Homeless, but not helpless -- former heroin addict's road to recovery
The Oregonian,  19-Nov-2011

OTRC Open House Event
CCC Press Release,  19-Nov-2011

Blazers event helps those like Brightmon
The Columbian,  11-Nov-2011

Invest in re-entry programs, not in prison cells
The Oregonian,  01-Nov-2011

TANF programs, already slashed earlier this year, drop again
Street Roots,  12-Oct-2011

Clean & Safe Appreciation Day honors the people who help make downtown great
OregonLive,  11-Oct-2011

Vets get boost from Stand Down
East Oregonian,  21-Sep-2011

Vets seek connections to jobs, benefits at Stand Down
The Oregonian,  20-Sep-2011

Central City Concern holds Veterans Stand Down & Job Fair at Oregon Convention Center in Northeast Portland
The Oregonian,  08-Sep-2011

A Portland veteran reunites with family after three decades
OregonLive,  03-Sep-2011

Vets like Lawrence Booth are frustrated by the civilian job hunt
The Oregonian,  02-Sep-2011

Vets seek connections to jobs, benefits at Stand Down
The Oregonian,  21-Sep-2011

Economy leaves troubled youth behind
Portland Tribune,  15-Sep-2011

State's Efforts To Keep Kids Out Of Foster Care Yielding Results
OPB Radio,  09-Aug-2011

Local Doctors Fighting Prescription Pill Abuse
KPTV,  21-Jul-2011

New county facility is ‘piece of the puzzle’ for mental health patients
Portland Tribune,  20-Jun-2011

In downtown Portland, Community Engagement Program seeks out the homeless mentally ill
OregonLive & The Oregonian,  16-Jun-2011

Bedbug-resistent bed design one more weapon in Portland's war against infestations
The Oregonian,  02-Jun-2011

Among Oregon Health & Science University's graduating doctors, a woman who overcame heroin addiction
The Oregonian,  06-Jun-2011

Homeless help not so simple
Portland Tribune,  26-May-2011

Life & Death Lottery
Portland Tribune,  09-May-2011

Model Citizen - From the Streets to Clean & Safe
KOIN-TV,  05-May-2011

The Numbers Have Dropped But Meth Still Takes Its Toll
OPB Radio,  27-Apr-2011

Portland renews Clean & Safe District for another 10 years; will consider expansion in summer
The Oregonian,  23-Apr-2011

Caregivers, clients and others beg Oregon budget writers not to cut funding
OregonLive,  20-Apr-2011

180 Degrees - Changing Lives Community Volunteer Corps’ Benefit Features Tezeta Band
CCC Press Release,  11-Apr-2011

Music and Magic for the Letty Owing’s Center
CCC Press Release,  11-Apr-2011

Zoning Out Drugs
OPB Radio, Think Out Loud,  11-Apr-2011

Portland Police Trying New Methods Of Dealing With The Mentally Ill
OPB Radio,  04-Apr-2011

Northwest Portland: Central City Concern's Employment Access Center still placing people in jobs despite economy
Oregon Live,  23-Mar-2011

Saved after 126 arrests - Program offers hope of changing costly chronic criminals
Portland Tribune,  10-Mar-2011

Former drug addict joins Portland police chief in supporting use of drug forfeiture money for treatment
The Oregonian,  09-Mar-2011

Program guides lives out of danger
Portland Tribune,  03-Feb-2011

Construction Ok'd for downtown Portland Clinic
Daily Journal of Commerce,  20-Jan-2011

City greenlights mental health clinic
Portland Business Journal,  20-Jan-2011

CCC Supporter Harold Saltzman Dies
The Oregonian,  18-Jan-2011

NMTCs, Bonds Fund Mental Health Center
Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits,  01-Jan-2011

KOIN-TV Interviews Ed Blackburn about Fundraising and Operating Best Practices
KOIN-TV,  06-Jan-2011

Kitzhaber vows to remake health care coverage; chooses a GOP aide
Oregon Live,  17-Dec-2010

Creating Hope Every Day
Life at OSU,  09-Dec-2010

City pumps $1 million into housing bottleneck
Street Roots,  05-Nov-2010

The Last House on the Block, a profile of Ted Amann
The Grinnell Magazine,  01-Nov-2010

Lifetime Achievement - Sally McCracken
Portland Monthly,  01-Nov-2010

For 4 decades, Portland psychiatrist Phil Shapiro helps addicts recover, using their minds to heal
The Oregonian,  07-Oct-2010

Encouraging Sign: Job Openings Rise for first time since April
Associated Press,  09-Sep-2010

Demolition begins on long-time eyesore
KATU-TV,  07-Sep-2010

Health Clinic Coming To Burnside's Burger King Corner
OPB,  07-Sep-2010

Burnside Burger King faces demolition Sept. 7
Portland Business Journal,  07-Sep-2010

Former Burnside Burger King demolished
KGW-TV,  07-Sep-2010

Demolition begins on long-time eyesore
KATU-TV,  07-Sep-2010

Central City Concern will build recovery center in Old Town
Oregon Live,  07-Sep-2010

Vacant Burger King restaurant to be demolished
KATU-TV,  02-Sep-2010

Neighborhood eyesore to become low-income health clinic
Oregon Live,  02-Sep-2010

Former fast-food location to be demolished
Daily Journal of Commerce,  01-Sep-2010

City OK's renovations for Hooper Building in the Kerns neighborhood
Oregon Live,  27-Aug-2010

Social entrepreneurship heats up in Portland
Oregon Business,  17-Aug-2010

New background checks hurt experienced recovery workers
Street Roots,  16-Aug-2010

Equitable and Affordable Housing Strategy
Sustainability Television,  26-Jul-2010

Graffiti Spree
KOIN-TV,  19-Jul-2010

$542,547 in Grants for Local Programs Helping Homeless, People with Disabilities
Portland Housing Bureau,  08-Jul-2010

Grants to help homeless vets find jobs
Oregon Live,  01-Jul-2010

Portland's business improvement district: Rolling up our sleeves for a better downtown
The Oregonian,  25-Jun-2010

Grants to help homeless vets find jobs
The Oregonian,  23-Jun-2010

New mental health center fills a gap for police, patients
Portland Tribune,  17-Jun-2010

Historic Martha Washington Hotel will reopen as affordable housing residence
The Oregonian,  17-Jun-2010

From Hotel to Housing - Developers convert a Portland Inn
Affordable Housing Finance,  15-Jun-2010

Historic Martha Washington Hotel will reopen as affordable housing residence
The Oregonian,  17-Jun-2010

From Hotel to Housing - Developers convert a Portland Inn
Affordable Housing Finance,  01-Jun-2010

Former Portland Eyesore Reinvented as Housing for Homeless
Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits,  01-Jun-2010

Portland's Chemical-free parks effort in danger of withering (Community Volunteer Corps project)
The Oregonian,  22-May-2010

Central City Concern to Integrate Physical, Mental Health
The Lund Report,  07-Apr-2010

Who Should Help People who are Homeless and Living with Mental Illness
Dr. Phil Shapiro on OPB Radio, Think Out Loud,  31-Mar-2010

Who Should Help People who are Homeless and Living with Mental Illness (full program)
Dr. Phil Shapiro on OPB Radio, Think Out Loud,  31-Mar-2010

Proposed alcohol ban opens larger debate on street drinking
Street Roots,  31-Mar-2010

Minds Willing but Budgets Weak
Portland Mercury,  24-Mar-2010

Reviving a Poor Neighborhood for Its Inhabitants
The New York Times,  23-Mar-2010

The streets claim lives every year, so why are we not paying better attention?
Street Roots,  17-Mar-2010

Big Year for Golden West Historic Hotel Display
The Skanner,  05-Feb-2010

On Your Side Investigation: Low Income Housing
KATU-TV,  08-Mar-2010

CCC's Grant to Build a New Facility for 12th Avenue Recovery Center
CNN,  29-Jan-2010

Low Income Housing Opens Next to Rose Garden
OPB,  10-Mar-2010

Veterans help veterans find work in tough job market
KGW-TV,  09-Mar-2010

Veterans needing a job or home can get help at Portland Stand Down
The Oregonian,  06-Mar-2010

Madrona Studios Opens
Daily Journal of Commerce,  02-Mar-2010

Rose Quarter's rebirth helps Portland's homeless
The Oregonian,  27-Feb-2010

A ceremony of hope and community
OregonLive,  14-Mar-2010

The Rose Quarter Green Housing
NetGreenNews.com,  16-Nov-2009