Diversity and Inclusion

Central City Concern is committed to embracing and actively supporting a diverse community to further its mission. We promote a culture of inclusion where the personal dignity and worth of each individual is valued and celebrated.

Central City Concern has an agency wide Diversity and Inclusion Committee that was developed to engage diverse staff at all levels of the organization to begin to talk about the successes and challenges of staff and those we serve related to issues of  diversity and inclusion.  The Committee has been working  to address 4 main areas within the organization:  Education and Training, Recognizing Access, Inclusion and Navigation of resources, Staff Development and Inclusion, and Outreach and Visibility.

Diversity Committee Vision

Central City Concern is committed to embracing and actively supporting a diverse community to further its mission of providing pathways to self-sufficiency. We promote a culture of inclusion where the personal dignity and worth of each individual is valued and celebrated.

Executive Leadership’s Support to Equity and Inclusion

Central City Concerns Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team recognize the importance of genuine support and commitment to the diversity, inclusion and equity within the organization.  Some of the initiatives that are championed by the Senior Leadership Team include:

  • Recruiting and Hiring: CCC is committed to the ongoing development of recruitment plans that allow for the hiring of diverse  candidates
  • Training and Mentoring Programs: CCC is committed to the on-going development  training opportunities and mentoring programs to enhance the  opportunities for  diverse candidates will fill open Manager, Director, Senior and C-level positions
  • Diversity Training:  Central City Concern has developed its own diversity training program that addresses the unique experiences of the agency’s diverse community. The program includes a series of trainings where  each  subsequent  training encourages staff to participate in increasingly challenging and courageous conversations on issues of diversity.
  • Community Involvement:  CCC staff are  actively involved in community efforts to  address  issues of  health and behavioral health disparities through health equity initiatives and cultural competency workgroups.

The Affinity Community

The Affinity Community Mission                                                         
As our promise to actively support CCC’s diverse community and culture of inclusion, we commit to create a culture of empowerment, curiosity, and awareness while honoring, celebrating and promoting our differences and similarities. We will do this with a sense of purpose and responsibility in an environment surrounded by safety, shared interest, respect, dignity and action.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee began the development of Affinity groups within the organization recognizing the potential positive impacts of additional support to our staff.  The design and implementation of these groups were developed by staff at all levels of the organization. Affinity Groups are designed to be highly relational with the purpose of reducing isolation and increasing support for employees in a variety of areas where peer and ally support can help increase the personal and professional success of our employees.

Current groups include:

  • Managers of Color
  • Women of Color      
  • LGBTQ        
  • Education Support

The development of additional groups is encouraged.

Culturally Specific Programs and Services at Central City Concern  

A culturally-specific program to support Latinos in recovery. Puentes uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide alcohol and drug treatment and mental health care to individuals and to the entire family in a way that mitigates stigma and fear. Puentes staff are bilingual and bicultural; they understand Latino values, family roles and community structures helping Latino clients gain insight into cultural influences on behavior.

Esperanza Juvenil
In Spanish it means ‘youthful hope.’ Esperanza Juvenil offers young people hope and a hand up, showing them the way to a better future.  Esperanza Juvenil works with Latino youth ages 14-21 who have drug or alcohol issues or are susceptible to gang involvement. Esperanza’s bilingual team provides addiction treatment, individual and family counseling, in home family support and education. The team partners with other agencies and schools on gang prevention strategies and works closely with school counselors and the police to promote ongoing prevention and follow up treatment.
The Imani Center
The Imani Center addresses the growing disparities for African Americans by providing culturally specific and responsive Afrocentric approaches to mental health and addictions treatment, peer support and case management. The Center connects participants to housing, employment and benefits support, and natural support systems within their own cultural community.