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Central City Concern has over 40 years of expertise in the field of affordable housing, healthcare and employment services for people experiencing homelessness and substance use disorder. Our staff are in high demand to speak at public events, conferences and as experts for panels or media reports. 

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Student Learners/Residencies/Internships

CCC hosts over two hundred learners from our local partner schools each year. These schools select and assign students to work with us in our pharmacy, primary care and mental health programs. We are proud to call ourselves a teaching organization and currently receive learners from the following schools: OCOM, NUNM, OHSU, Pacific University and PCC. If you attend one of these schools, please contact your advisor for more information about how to learn with us.

Internships outside of these academic partnerships at CCC are rare and recruitment occurs through social media.

For any student learner related questions, email