Hepatitis C Treatment at Blackburn Center

Hep C treatment is easy and effective! Treatments have a cure rate of over 95%.

About Hepatitis C

What is it?
Hep C is a blood borne virus. It damages the liver by making it inflamed (swollen). 

How common is it?
Around 3.3 million (or 1 in 100) Americans are living with hep C. It’s the most common blood borne virus in the U.S.

How do you get hep c?
Hep C is passed by blood-to-blood contact. About half of people who have hep C don’t know they have it. The best way to know is to get tested.

Is there a cure?
Yes! New treatments are easy, effective and have little to no side effects. 

What does treatment look like at Blackburn Center?
After you attend your first treatment appointment, you'll start taking the daily medication. You'll return to the Blackburn Pharmacy at least once a month to check in with the hep C pharmacist and refill your prescription. Treatment typically lasts around 8 weeks. Then, 3 months after treatment, return for a blood test to confirm that you're cured!

How much does treatment cost?
For most patients with non-private insurance (Oregon Health Plan, CareOregon, OMAP, Medicaid or Medicare), treatment is free. If you are unable to obtain insurance, treatment is usually free. If there is a chance you might incur some costs, you will be notified during the intake process.

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