A Study on the Service Coordination Team Impact: Key Findings

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

We are pleased to share this recent study on Portland Police Bureau’s Service Coordination Team (SCT). Central City Concern has been a partner on this program since 2005, providing housing and more recently, also recovery services for approximately 150 people each year. Central City Concern’s Housing Rapid Response and CCC Recovery Center programs have contributed to the success of SCT and we have greatly valued our partnership as we strive to bring stability and well-being to those in need.

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Study of the Service Coordination Team and its influence on chronic offenders
Research and report by: Portland State University Capstone Class
UNST 421 Section 572 (Winter Term 2016)

The Service Coordination Team (SCT) is a collaboration between law enforcement and social service agencies to provide housing and day treatment to individuals to help them reduce future arrests. The program is designed to reduce drug-related property crimes and stop the cycle of crime and addiction by providing treatment opportunities for chronic offenders who have not succeeded using traditional treatment methods.

This PSU study analyzed 82 participants in 2014. Here are the key findings:


- The average age of the participants was 44 years old.
- 80 percent were male; 20 percent female.
- 61 percent were white, 30 percent were African-American, nearly 5 percent were Latino, and about 4 percent were Native-American.

Completion group:

- 20 people fell within the scope of the data.
- The group had nearly an 88 percent total reduction in police contact
- Total: 84 police contacts total

- 72 contacts pre-program
- 9 contacts post-program
- 3 contacts while in the program


- Participating in SCT, even without completing the program, is beneficial. Seventy-four percent of participants at least 30 days in the program had reduced arrests after leaving; 40 percent had no arrests.
- All participants who completed the program were happy with it. The most common reason is the program encourages independent responsibility and individualism.
- Costs without SCT:

- Per crime: $2,046
- Drug use: $601 per person/week
- Arrest/defense counsel: $6,098 per arrest
- Jail: $170 per day

- Working with 2014 participants, every dollar spent on SCT saved $7.35 in victim, community and system costs