Monthly Volunteer Spotlight: JVC Anniversary Edition

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Volunteers are the backbone of Central City Concern, and many relationships are lasting. Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest and CCC are celebrating a 10-year partnership through CCC’s Recuperative Care Program (RCP) in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Jeanne Haster, JVC Northwest executive director, says the partnership was a natural fit from the very beginning, when CCC launched the program in 2005. “Their initial request was for a volunteer for three years to help them get the program up and running, but the need is so great and we have so many volunteers in Portland who want to work with the homeless, that we’re still there,” says Haster.

Jordan Wilhelms, Complex Care Program Manager for CCC, works closely with the volunteers. He enjoys supporting them as they take on new roles and challenges, and learn how to maintain their morale in an often intense environment. According to Wilhelms, the relationship between RCP and JVC Northwest has been rewarding for volunteers, patients and staff members alike.

The current JVC Northwest volunteer, Amanda Foggia ends her second year of service with RCP this month; the new volunteer, Kaitlyn Stettnichs starts her year of service with RCP on August 17.

Other JVC Northwest volunteers who have worked at RCP include Megan Hurley (2006-07), Kathryn Leiher (2007-08), Kaitlin Shorrock (2008 -09), Lizzie McQuillan (2009-10), Michael Alston (2010-11), Maggie Wright (2011-12), Justin Willis (2012-13), and Carissa Marston (2013-14).

Our Monthly Volunteer Spotlight feature for July will actually be three profiles, each focusing on a current or past JVC volunteer. Click on a photo below to learn more about the amazing volunteers CCC has had the great privilege of working with for the last ten years!