Monthly Volunteer Spotlight: Inaugural Edition!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Each month, we’ll be profiling an exceptional individual who has given her or his time to volunteer at Central City Concern. For our very first Featured Volunteer, meet Elizabeth Moore, who recently concluded eight months of volunteering at CCC and moved into a full-time healthcare position with a local health provider!

Name: Elizabeth Moore

Position: Old Town Clinic Concierge. Duties included warmly welcoming patients to the Clinic, inquiring about the purpose of their visit that day, and guiding them to the appropriate Clinic space (pharmacy, main intake line, upstairs check-in, etc.).

What are your thoughts about CCC?
I didn’t know that there were places like this where people could go. I think what everyone’s doing here is fantastic.

What are your reflections on the Clinic Concierge position?
It’s a people game. You don’t have to know a lot, but you just have to be a good director of where people can go for more information. Sometimes I didn’t really feel like I was doing anything except sitting and listening [to the patients]. But, those are the memories I’ll really take away. I’ve gained a ton through that.

As you finish out your volunteer commitment, any final thoughts?
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Old Town Clinic. Volunteering with Central City Concern has given me the opportunity to talk to people I never would have talked to and be involved in a meaningful way.  I can see a lot of personal growth in my life and I definitely have more to offer [in future pursuits[ having spent time in the clinic. 

• • •

Elizabeth was one of our very first Clinic Concierge volunteers and helped us develop the position into what it is today. Thank you, Elizabeth, to your dedication to and compassion for our patients and our mission!

If you are interested in volunteering, take a look at our current volunteer opportunities and contact Eric Reynolds, CCC’s Volunteer Coordinator, at