Monthly Volunteer Spotlight: February Edition

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Each month, we’re profiling an exceptional individual who has given her or his time to volunteer at Central City Concern. Today, meet Angela, who has been one of the most upbeat, positive volunteers CCC has ever had!

Name: Angela C.

Position: Old Town Clinic Concierge. Duties include making patients feel welcome as they enter the Clinic, asking if they need any help, directing patients to the correct check-in location or Clinic space.

What drew you to CCC and this volunteer opportunity?
I’m in a recovery program myself. I’m six years clean now. I found volunteering here to be in support of my own program. It helped me to serve other people to support my own sobriety.

What did you expect out of this volunteer role before your first day?
I got what I expected – a lot of patients who were very warm and kind to me and I could be warm and kind to.

What lessons or impressions are you walking away with from volunteering?
My heart has opened up more to people here. The people who receive services here are very generous and kind with their spirit. People are really grateful for any help I give them – even things like telling them the pharmacy hours or where the bathroom is.

What would you tell someone who is new to your position about CCC or the volunteer role?
Be prepared to smile at people. Acknowledge everyone's humanness. Just smiling and making eye contact is extremely beneficial and makes everyone feel human who walks through the front door.

• • •

Angela always brought a big smile, a shining attitude, and genuine compassion into the Old Town Clinic. Thank you, Angela, for all the time you spent with our patients!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, contact CCC’s Volunteer Coordinator at