Meet Frank Jones

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is Frank Jones. Frank completed our Hooper Detox program in 1983. He then moved into the Old Town neighborhood and got a job in a local bar/restaurant. The owner of the restaurant urged him to not hang around beyond his work hours because a bar is a challenging place for a recovering alcoholic. The restaurant owner gave him a camera and suggested that he photograph the various characters in the neighborhood - there were many.

Thus was born a lifelong pursuit of photography for Frank. His photos have been shown in galleries and cafes throughout Oregon. More importantly, his images captured the lives of many vulnerable people in the Old Town district back then, preserving a piece of Portland's history in a beautiful and respectful manner. Frank comes by the office when he's in town and we're always happy to see him. Here are a few of his amazing images from the 1970s.