Linda Hudson Wins CCEH Award

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Linda Hudson has won an Achievement Award from the Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness. She accepted the honor at a ceremony at Multnomah County's main building in Southeast Portland.

(pictured from left: Central City Concern's Rachel Post, Barb Sander, Linda Hudson, Ed Blackburn and Lynn Smith-Stott)

Linda is the Subacute Program Manager at the Central City Concern Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center. Hooper is the first step each year for thousands of homeless people to start their journey from addiction to recovery, and Linda’s leadership at Hooper demonstrates her commitment to ending homelessness. Linda has an extraordinary blend of diverse expertise as a person in recovery, and a clinician with a Masters in Social Work, a manager, a leader and a woman of color who commands respect.

Linda began working at Hooper three years ago as the Clinical Supervisor for the Hooper Alcohol & Drug Counselors. She immediately provided the counselors with support and leadership. Linda has a rich understanding of recovery coupled with excellent knowledge through acquiring her MSW. Linda has worked with the Hooper Program Director and Nursing Manager to bring Hooper to the next level in medical and clinical services. Linda combines professionalism with warmth and support for her team.

Co-workers frequently comment that Linda places the clients first. She has been very active as part of the Hooper team to ensure that clients have the best opportunities available to access the limited housing options available. In 2012, almost 1,200 people completed detox at Hooper, most of these in need of housing. She is constantly on the watch for new housing opportunities, and is willing to network with community partners and take on extra work in order to find resources. She seems to understand the complexities of addiction and housing, working to support clients in navigating their recovery and life’s journey.

Currently, Linda is pursuing a Licensed Clinical Social Worker degree; she began managing the Vivitrol Program pilot at Hooper starting in 2012. Hooper’s main funding sources are Multnomah County (including pass through State funding for detox) and medical billing revenues. In 2012, CCC received funding from Multnomah County to administer Vivitrol as a new treatment for opiate addiction withdrawal, with OHSU conducting a study on the efficacy of Vivitrol. Heroin is now the primary drug of choice for Hooper clients, and with the increase in heroin overdose on our community, effective detox from heroin is a priority for Hooper. Linda’s involvement in this effort is an example of her tireless work to improve Hooper’s services to be more effective for clients.

Linda has been an instrumental member of CCC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the past two years. She helped create CCC’s internal Cross Cultural Communication training and is also leads these trainings for CCC staff. Her commitment to CCC’s diversity initiative is apparent in her participation in the diversity committee and her unwavering support of CCC’s diverse employee and client base. She has a strong vision of culturally specific health and behavioral health care programming both locally and statewide.

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