Dean Gisvold and Bing Sheldon Honored by Multnomah County

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013

Today, County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury read a proclamation of appreciation of Dean Gisvold and Bing Sheldon for their many years of service to the Central City Concern, the City of Portland and Multnomah County. Commissioner Deborah Kafoury read the proclamation. (pictured below is CCC Executive Director Ed Blackburn, Commissioner Kafoury, Dean Gisvold and Bing Sheldon.) Dean and Bing conclude their service to CCC's Board at the end of this month with June 19th as their final board meeting to oversee. A complete version of the proclamation is as follows:

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Finds 

- After the steep population decline in Portland during the 60s, Bing Sheldon and Dean Gisvold brought their vision and tenacity to the Downtown Plan of 1972. The result was a nationally-renowned blueprint for a vital urban core that urged transit corridors instead of freeways, and supported pedestrian-friendly development. This is the community we all enjoy today. 

- To the chagrin of clients and prospective employees, Bing moved his growing architectural firm into Old Town in 1972, a time when the area was primarily known for its run-down hotels.

- In 1971, Dean baffled co-workers, neighbors and community leaders by riding his bike to work as much as possible.

- Both drawn to civic engagement and with tremendous compassion for the welfare of people struggling with alcoholism who frequented the Old Town district, Bing and Dean participated in work which secured a National Public Inebriate Project grant in 1979. The grant funded a sobering station solution, instead of jail, for chronic alcoholics.

- Bing became a founding board member of the Burnside Consortium in 1978; Dean joined the board in 1980. The Burnside Consortium was renamed Central City Concern in 1984.

- In the late 1970s, Dean and Bing recognized the need for safe, low income housing for the people living in Old Town. In 1983, they helped Central City Concern purchase its first building – the Butte Hotel, built in 1912.

- Central City Concern’s current properties include 9 renovated residential buildings in Old Town and 3 such buildings just south of Burnside. Total units of housing have increased from 38 to more than 1,600.

- For 26 consecutive years, Dean Gisvold has chaired monthly board meetings and Bing Sheldon has served as Vice Chair.

- Central City Concern entered the healthcare arena when it began operating Hooper Sobering and Detox Center in 1983. Dean and Bing guided the agency in expanding these services to include the Old Town Clinic, serving more than 4,000 people, and a myriad of recovery programs.

- In 2011, Dean was instrumental to the rapid development of Central City Concern’s new healthcare building at the major intersection of West Burnside and NW Broadway, a site previously occupied by an abandoned fast food restaurant. He was also a champion for bringing dental services into the fold. In 2012, Multnomah County’s first downtown dental clinic opened; it is located on the third floor of Central City’s healthcare building.

- SERA Architects, founded by Bing Sheldon, designed the healthcare building. SERA has worked on numerous building projects with CCC.

- For the past 26 years, Dean and Bing have guided Central City Concern on a strong path of fiscal responsibility and accountability. As such, the agency has a very positive relationship with both Multnomah County and the City of Portland, and has been able to help many thousands of people in need.

- Our community is richer because of the vision, intelligence and diligence that Dean Gisvold and Bing Sheldon have shared with us.

Dean and Bing commented after the reading and graciously wished to shared credit with past and present board members, as well as staff members.