From Homeless to Working! We Celebrated at City Hall!

Friday, July 01, 2011

at left: Selena, happy customer employed (and promoted) at Burgerville with her supervisor
Daniel Cogan.

I want to congratulate the 200+ individuals who turned out Wednesday night at City Hall to celebrate the accomplishments of the 460 customers of the Employment Access Center (EAC) who became employed in 2010.  Customers were placed in jobs across 15 different sectors in 53 zip codes with an average hourly wage of $13.46. 

above: David Wynde at left, Rachel Beaudoin in center with her supervisor and manager from U.S. Bank

It was a remarkable event that was organized and orchestrated by the entire team of 24 staff at the EAC and Kathy Pape.  Ed Blackburn, Commissioner Nick Fish , Mayor Sam Adams, Customer Walter Ryce, Customer Rachel Beaudoin and U.S. Bank Employer and Vice President David Wynde all spoke so beautifully about the importance of employment in recovery and ending homelessness. 

Jennifer Wilcox then handed out 91 graduation and outstanding achievement certificates after which everyone enjoyed a large spread provided by VOA’s food services.  May next year be as bright as 2010!

Rachel Post
Director of Supportive Housing and Employment
Central City Concern