Downtown Clean & Safe Presents the Clever Cycle on Ride Your Bike to Work Day

Friday, May 25, 2012

On Friday May 18, Central City Concern’s Downtown Clean & Safe presented the Clever Cycle at the Ride Your Bike to Work Day event held at the US Bancorp building.

The Clever Cycle is a unique tricycle that will be used in addition to the Clean & Safe’s truck to pick up biohazards within the 213-block area of downtown where Clean & Safe operates. The Clever Cycle is equipped with a large tank, powered by a battery that allows for the quick removal of these biohazards. Previously, it took the Clean & Safe workers approximately 45 minutes to answer a dispatch call due to traffic congestion. By introducing the Clever Cycle, Clean & Safe hopes to cut down on these response times to 30 minutes or less. This project will result in quick cleanup of biohazards and safety improvement in the downtown area.

Matthew Smiley, CCC’s program manager of Clean & Safe, is excited about the project. “By adding this position it allows for one of our trainees to gain a full-time job, and look forward to becoming self sufficient. Having a special project bike that provides speedy bio-hazard clean ups allows for a clean, and welcoming Central City for tourist and the general public.”

Marcus Marchand, Sidewalk Ambassador for Downtown Clean & Safe, displayed another unique bicycle at the event, the bicycle kiosk, which was introduced in 2009 and carries information for visitors. Marchand is thrilled about the new Clever Cycle and thinks it will help make Portland safer and more appealing to tourists. And in the spirit of Ride Your Bike to Work Day, he is excited about the City’s ability to introduce bicycles into many types of industries.

Downtown Clean & Safe is a Portland Business Alliance program that keeps the downtown area clean and safe, contributes to efforts to create more jobs, with benefits and helps individuals re-enter the workforce.