Transitional Housing

Central City Concern’s transitional housing units are designed for people who are newly engaged in treatment and recovery, recently released from incarceration, or who have very recently become homeless. This short-term housing combined with intensive case management, provides the stability and support necessary to begin building a new life. Individuals may only access transitional housing via an active Central City Concern program or through a referral from a community partner.

Depending upon their individual needs, clients are in transitional housing for 4-9 months. During this time, CCC assists people in finding permanent housing. Many opt to move into CCC Alcohol & Drug Free Community housing. For others, those who are ready to move into the community at large, CCC provides housing placement services, rent support and other resident services.

Central City Concern provides transitional housing and employment development serves to Veterans through the Veterans Grant & Per Diem program, The program serves up to 50 men and 22 women at any one time. Any veteran, male or female, can access the veteran program by attending the orientation held every Monday morning at 10 am at the Employment Access Center. Questions regarding eligibility, or if one is unable to attend on Monday mornings, please contact the Veterans' Office at 503-688-5098


In a typical year, more than 1,300 people begin their recovery from homelessness in CCC's secure and stable transitional housing.

"I was really afraid to live on my own but with the recovery based housing, it has made it alot less stressful for me."
- past client