Health & Recovery

To many of us, homeless people have problems that seem intractable – debilitating physical, mental and addiction issues that keep them in a cycle of chronic homelessness. The solution is not simple. To achieve lasting recovery, an effective approach addresses the different issues that perpetuate homelessness.

Central City Concern has developed a comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of individuals by providing them with housing, health and recovery assistance in a fully integrated way.  Central City Concern is designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center and we operate at multiple sites across the Portland area. We understand that the best results come from addressing all aspects of a person’s life.  We bring together safe and supportive housing, health care, mental health, meaningful employment and peer support. A stable life begins with good physical and mental health, and freedom from addictions.

Central City Concern helps people reclaim their dignity and make lasting transformations in their lives.

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