From 0 to 3,000 in 16 Months

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How’s this for a milestone? As of last Thursday, January 15, Central City Concern has helped over 3,000 people enroll in the Oregon Health Plan or other affordable health coverage, or renew their coverage!

Since October 1st, 2013, our organization has engaged in ongoing outreach and enrollment efforts to enroll as many CCC clients, residents and community members as possible in the Oregon Health Plan (or, if they’re over income for OHP, in affordable health coverage).

Our Outreach and Enrollment Specialists have done an outstanding job educating individuals about their health coverage status and options, and enrolling those who are eligible. In addition to our two Outreach and Enrollment Specialists, we have 25 additional staff who are trained enrollment assisters. Various program managers, front desk staff, and others have proven to be integral in connecting previously uninsured clients to the right pathways toward being insured.

While most of the 3,000 enrollees come from Hooper Detox, Old Town Clinic, Eastside Concern, CCC Recovery Center, and CCC’s housing communities, we’ve also enrolled many people at numerous local agencies. In fact, about 18% of all enrollees came by way of coordination with and outreach to Transition Projects, Street Roots, Sisters of the Road, St. Andre Bessette Chapel, Operation Night Watch, JOIN, and other community partners.

We have already seen the great benefits for the people we’re enrolling from having health insurance. 3,000 enrollees is a wonderful number to celebrate, but our enrollment work continues on!